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Sending LTI Outcomes to Google Classroom

Proof of concept: use a custom Classroom share button to assign your LTI Tool to Google Classroom. And have LTI outcomes go back as grades! Continue reading

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IMS LTI Outcomes 1.0 Versus 2.0

IMS LTI Outcomes 1.0 First introduced in March 2012 with LTI 1.1, Outcomes-1 has changed little over the years. It finally got its own spec in January 2015, and it’s own name: Learning Tools Interoperability Outcomes Management Service 1.0. In … Continue reading

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Quickly add LTI consumer outcomes support to your ASP.NET MVC web site

The IMS LTI™ outcomes service allows consumers (such as Learning Management Systems) and providers (such as an online test) to send score information back and forth. Teachers love this! No more manually entering grades into the gradebook. In this post, … Continue reading

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