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Sending LTI Outcomes to Google Classroom

Proof of concept: use a custom Classroom share button to assign your LTI Tool to Google Classroom. And have LTI outcomes go back as grades! Continue reading

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Moving to GitHub

Two years ago I wrote that I was trying both CodePlex and GitHub. For awhile I kept both in sync. But that got tiresome so I let GitHub fall out of sync and focussed on CodePlex. That worked really well … Continue reading

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Splitting LtiLibrary into LtiLibrary.Core and LtiLibrary.AspNet

While I was writing the OWIN middleware for LTI, I noticed that Microsoft and every OWIN middleware contributor created two libraries: one that had no dependencies on ASP.NET and another that did. So I did the same and created LtiLibrary.Owin.Security.Lti … Continue reading

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LtiLibrary is now a NuGet Package

To make it even easier to add IMS LTI support to your learning app, I wrapped LtiLibrary into its own NuGet Package. To add LtiLibrary to your application, run the following command in the Package Manager Console: PM> Install-Package LtiLibrary … Continue reading

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