First up, LTI

I plan on using this space to blog about some stuff I’m doing with learning tools interoperability, including LTI…

“Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a specification developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium. The principal concept of LTI is to establish a standard way of integrating rich learning applications (often remotely hosted and provided through third-party services) with platforms like learning management systems, portals, or other educational environments. In LTI these learning applications are called Tools (delivered by Tool Providers) and the LMS, or platforms, are called Tool Consumers.” – IMS Global Developer

First up, a sample LTI Tool Consumer application on CodePlex.

This MVC app simulates a simple LMS or portal. Anyone can register and identify them self as a teacher and/or a student. Teachers can create new assignments and choose to keep them private or share them with their school, district, state, or everyone. Students cannot create assignments, but they can launch any assignment that has been shared.

Once I figure out how to incorporate code samples, I’ll talk about some of the decisions I made and why. As far as a roadmap goes, I plan on adding support for LTI 1.1 features (scoring and custom parameter tokens) to the consumer and building out a sample publisher. After that, I’ll add some LTI 2.0 features. Along the way, I’ll probably play with some ideas like how to use OpenID and LTI.

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2 Responses to First up, LTI

  1. Bala says:

    Hi Andy,

    Need help in implementing LTI Consumer functionality in our LMS. Can you help me by providing consultancy.


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