Updated Sample Consumer

The sample consumer website at consumer.azurewebsites.net has had a lot of updates over the last month:

  • Restructured as a “traditional” LMS or portal style website. Assignments are organized into courses. Users are teachers, students, or both and can be enrolled (or not) in a course.
  • Support the LTI 1.1 Simple Outcomes Service. If the user is enrolled in the course, the service endpoint is sent to the provider so that it can record a grade back in the consumer.
  • Refactored the LTI code into two easy-to-find places: 1) OutcomesController.cs is an ApiController which supports all 3 outcome verbs (delete, read, and replace result). Note that the OAuth authentication for the OutcomesController is handled by the OAuthAuthorizeAttribute in the controller source file. And 2) LtiUtility.cs which has all the LTI utility methods such as CreateLtiRequest.
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