Refining the Tenant Registration

In my last post I wrote about passing the Client ID from the SLC to the Sample LTI Consumer Website (consumer website). This is required because each SLC tenant will have a different Client ID for the consumer website and the SlcSandboxClient needs to know which tenant it is talking to.

After using this scheme for a while, a problem cropped up. Each time I unregistered and reregistered the consumer website, I got a new Client ID. That orphaned all the users that had been paired, even though they were the same users.

So I added a new SlcTenantId field to the Tenant class. And I replaced clientid with tenantid in the Url field when I register the consumer website as an application in the SLC.

The tenantid can be any unique (within the consumer website) string. But you may want to simply use the SLC Tenant ID. For sandbox accounts, it is the email address you used when you signed up.

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