Splitting LtiLibrary into LtiLibrary.Core and LtiLibrary.AspNet

While I was writing the OWIN middleware for LTI, I noticed that Microsoft and every OWIN middleware contributor created two libraries: one that had no dependencies on ASP.NET and another that did. So I did the same and created LtiLibrary.Owin.Security.Lti (no dependencies on ASP.NET) and LtiLibrary.AspNet.Identity.Owin (dependent on ASP.NET).

That worked out pretty well…so I decided to do the same thing with LtiLibrary. Soon there will be two new packages NuGet to replace LtiLibrary. LtiLibrary.Core is not dependent on ASP.NET, and LtiLibrary.AspNet is dependent on ASP.NET.

Although the LtiLibrary classes, methods, and properties remain the same, the namespace changes, so I will increment the version to 1.5. I’d love feedback on whether I drew the line appropriately…especially while 1.5 has the “-alpha” or “-beta” version suffix.

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