LtiLibrary 1.6

So finally, huh!

LtiLibrary (my .NET library for LTI web applications) is now at version 1.6. The big change is the addition Outcomes 2.0 (Draft). Outcomes 2.0 has been in draft status since December 2014. I hope by including support in LtiLibrary, a few people will take up the charge to implement Outcomes 2.0 in production which will help move the spec into final status.

There are two packages on NuGet

You’ll want both if you want Outcomes 2.0. All the source code is on GitHub

Getting Started with Outcomes-2

There are two ApiControllers in LtiLibrary.AspNet that implement the LineItems and LISResult endpoints.

  • LtiLibrary.AspNet.Outcomes.v2.LineItemsControllerBase
  • LtiLibrary.AspNet.Outcomes.v2.ResultsControllerBase

You will need to create your own controllers in your application that inherit from these to handle the actual data. For example,


There are two sample applications in LtiSamples that implement Outcomes-2. SimpleLti is a single page app that hosts both the Tool Consumer and Tool Provider. ConsumerCertification is a simple Tool Consumer that makes all the necessary launch requests to a Tool Provider (yours or someone else’s) to exercise the certification tests.

The biggest advantage I see in Outcomes-2 over Outcomes-1 is that Outcomes-2 supports a comment and a status with each result. In K12, publishers are starting to deliver content catalogs via Thin Common Cartridge where each LTI link points to a single activity such as a lesson or quiz. Let’s say those activities require manual grading. With Outcomes-2, the activity can send a “Completed” result (perhaps with a comment like “Submitted”) to tell the teacher the activity is ready for grading. When the teacher grades the submission, the activity could send a “Final” result (with “Good job!”).

Have fun!

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4 Responses to LtiLibrary 1.6

  1. NVA says:

    Hello Andy,

    How can I use Post score function to post for all students in the class? For now I can post and update my own score.

    Thank you!

  2. Andy says:

    The IMS LTI Outcomes 1.0 spec does not support posting multiple outcomes at once. You will have to post them one at a time. The Tool Consumer will probably do some authorization checking to make sure you are allowed to post outcomes for multiple students. Please check with the Tool Consumer for details.

  3. Scott Carson says:

    How do I post result with version 2 from Web Forms?
    I understand using version 1
    LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v1.OutcomesClient.PostScore(Request.Form[“lis_outcome_service_url”].ToString(), Request.Form[“oauth_consumer_key”].ToString(), clsLtiParams.SharedSecret, Request.Form[“lis_result_sourcedid”].ToString(), 0.40);

    but in version 2 how do i construct the LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.LisResult result = new LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.LisResult();
    Essentially how do i convert lis_result_sourcedid into the lisResult

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