Splitting off LtiLibrary 1.6 Repository

Soon after releasing LtiLibrary 1.6, I started work on LtiLibrary 2.0 using Visual Studio 2017 which had much better tooling for .NET Core than VS 2015. I decided to also pay off some technical debt that had accrued. The outcome was a new naming library scheme (LtiLibrary.NetCore and LtiLibrary.AspNetCore), a new internal naming scheme (e.g. Lti\v1 instead of Lti1), and more consistent controller APIs. All the while, I kept the 1.6 code, solution, and project files in the same repository.

Recently Microsoft release .NET Core 2.0 and an update to VS 2017 with even better .NET Core tooling. Prior to updating LtiLibrary.NetCore and LtiLibrary.AspNetCore to .NET Core 2.0, I decided to split the two code bases. The LtiLibrary 1.6 codebase is now in its own repository. I don’t plan on actively maintaining this repository.

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  1. Zander Terry says:

    Thank you for your recommendation, you helped me a lot.

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