Sample LTI Provider 1.3

It took a while, but I finally updated the sample Provider website to version 1.3. The source code is here. Like the sample Consumer, the Provider project is now complete. Previous versions were missing files because I did not want to share my passwords to things like the Twitter API. But that made it hard for people to get started. So…I removed the passwords from the files. Some of the other changes:

  • Replaced SimpleMembership with Microsoft ASP.NET Identity 1.0.
  • Removed 3rd party signin support (so I could include all the project files without sharing my credentials).
  • Replaced most LTI code with LtiLibrary.
  • Converted to bootstrap (previous versions used jQuery UI).

I apologize to everyone that added Consumers or Tools to the sample provider site. Because the conversion to ASP.NET Identity changed so many tables, I gave up trying to migrate and wiped out the database.

Have fun!

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